African marketplace risk & reward

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The African marketplace will attract different people for different reasons. In this TV show Bernard Forster discusses why he wanted to do business on the continent.

African marketplace opportunities

I mean I have to take a step back in the sense that I’m born in Africa, I’m born in Namibia, I grew up there.  So for me there’s sort of a personal relationship.  I spent a long time in Europe.  I worked out of London a long time, focused on Europe. But I always had sort of the calling, I always wanted to go back home and do something in Africa.  And you know, obviously in Namibia I’ve done some stuff there with, you know, with work as well.  So it’s really the opportunity.  It’s a high risk location still. It still has like I said earlier, high barriers to entry.  And it has an opportunity, one has to stick it out, I mean you’ve got to be patient, you’ve got to have those relationships.  But if you do and you are patient and you’re willing to take risks, I mean you have to take risks in Africa, then you’ll be rewarded.

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