African marketplace has room for investment

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The African marketplace is in a unique global position. It has not received the same focus that the BRIC countries have had in recent years, as Tara Ettl discusses in this TV show.

African marketplace has been left out of large scale investment

I think people want to reap the immediate benefit whenever they put in a dollar, they want to reap, you know, more than a dollar out of it. So I think that there has been a lot of focus in the BRIC countries in the last few years, the last 10 years, Brazil, China, India, that was kind of like the name of the game. It definitely still is. And without doubt there’s some good opportunities over there. But I think if you look at it and if you look at the world as such and with globalisation moving on, there’s really a few places in the world left where you can really start from scratch. Where there is an immense opportunity if you move early on, that instead of putting a dollar in, instead of just reaping two dollars, you may be able to make 20 dollars. So it is basically still a wide plain that is there to discover. And any kind of discovery that anybody does is always quite exciting because you do, and I think it’s human nature that you start out with having certain reservations about places, unless you’ve actually been there and you’ve seen it and you’ve seen the passion of the people being there. Nigeria I think is a very good example, being the largest country on the continent, with a huge potential, with people being extremely entrepreneurial in their approaches.   If you found this video about the African marketplace interesting why not watch more TV shows on The Hospitality TV Channel?  
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