African marketplace has opportunities for many industries

Author: Phiwe Marumo, James Kirk (

Tags: Africa
The African marketplace is growing. The developing service industry means that there are more opportunities for other sectors. Phiwe Marumo explains further in this TV show.

African marketplace support

I think there is a strong case for Africa. And I think that has been said on different platform many occasions, obviously there is the resource boom aspect of it, but also there is the, what is it, and service to industrial gap. So I think in terms of just responding to the McKinzie sales pitch, responding to the economist Africa rising concept, I definitely think that there is immense opportunity or untapped opportunity and beyond just the resource segment of the region, but more on the tertiary sector for us to certainly support those industries. You know, through supporting the industrial aspect of it I think. If you found this video about the African marketplace interesting, why not watch more TV shows on The Hospitality Channel?  
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