African market for midscale hotels

Author: Phiwe Marumo, James Kirk (

Categories: Africa, Mid-Market Hotels
Tags: Africa, hotel products, IDC
The African market has room for more branded hotels of 3 or 4 stars as Phiwe Marumo of IDC Africa discusses in this TV show.

African market gaps

We believe that there is an undersupply of branded hotels. And we would certainly like to position ourselves to service that gap as a development finance institution. I mean from our perspective we certainly are looking at the business hotel segment, so midscale. So that would be three/four star product. We will only look at a five star product if their market justifies and warrants that, but more specifically we certainly just are limited to the business hotel segment, yeah, and perhaps lesser so on the leisure aspect of it. Maybe it’s also because we don’t understand it too well, but just the focus is on addressing the gap within the business hotel segment. If you enjoyed this video about the African hospitality market, why not watch more TV shows on The Hospitality Channel?  
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