Three star hotels needed in Africa

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Categories: Africa, Mid-Market Hotels
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Three star hotels are what the African hotel market needs according to John Ngumi in this TV show.

Gap in the market for three star hotels

I think talking from the perspective from an outsider in terms of not being a professional, I think we’ve had a lot of top end hotels. But if I look at the cross border trade, if I look at the intra and within country travel by businesses, by families, I would use an example and say a City Lodge in South Africa, that sort of thing, your good three star, I think has a far better catchment area than your top end. Your top end is reliant for example very heavily on tourism or on high end business conferences. Your travellers will travel, they always travel, your traders will always be on the road.   If you enjoyed this video about three star hotels and the African hotel market, please browse more on The Hospitality TV Channel.
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