About Cycas Hospitality

Author: John C Wagner, James Kirk (

Categories: Luxury Hotels
Tags: apartments, Cycas, extended stay, hotel apartments, IHG, Staybridge
Cycas Hospitality, Cycas Hotels, we manage hotels on behalf of others, we work with investor partners, owners who develop the hotels and then we run them on their behalf, we manage them on their behalf, we specialise in extended stay hotels, long stay apartments all suite hotels, depending on what you call them, we specialise in hotels that are for people that stay longer than a week, often times are there for months. We manage mostly branded hotels, we have a lot of deals, lot of hotels with IHG and their Staybridge brands, we're doing an number of hotels now with Marriott and their Residence Inn brand, and indeed we've looked at some other big brands and their products. They're all appealing to that extended stay customer, that guy who comes into town - usually a guy - a guy who comes into a place for longer than a week or two, that’s our speciality and our background.
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