A new approach to accommodation for a new generation

Author: Simon Allison, James Kirk (

Categories: Cultural
Tags: Barry Sternlicht, basics, community, consumer demands, guests, public areas, public space, services
I think a lot of it is just an entirely new approach aimed at the millennial’s, which is lets make it fun, lets make it communal, you know the old style hotel, with the elderly concierge in his slightly battered jacket, whose a little bit hard to approach, and a bog standard room that, you know, has one bit of standard art in it. I think all of these things are going away now. People do want, perhaps a bit more buzz in the public areas, a bit more genuine comfort, in the bedroom areas, you know, it was Barry Sternlicht who started this with a "heavenly bed" and a "heavenly shower". And suddenly people are realising, you know "what do the guests actually want?" you know, they want, good mattresses, good pillows, good duvets, good showers, ok, but then when they come down, they want a bit of life and I think most of the modern brands are creating this kind of community feel, which is much more kind of modern and with it.
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