A data strategy revolution

Author: Simon Schwitallik, James Kirk (

Categories: Data, Technology
Tags: business strategies, data, digital revolution, forecast, performance, TravelClick
Data strategy is improving as the industry realise the full potential of the reservation data they collect. In this TV show Simon Schwitallik discusses TravelClick's new approach to data.

Data strategy at TravelClick

So the most exciting thing that we are developing as TravelClick actually is that we are looking at future reservation data so we will be able to look 12 months into the future and be able to understand how a market is developing or how competitors are developing. so while hotels today look mainly at historical data and benchmark themselves against that, we want to kind of break that paradigm and say rather look into the future and still have time to make strategic changes to your business in order to improve the strategy instead of just looking at what happened in the past and either being happy about that you performed well or that you underperformed, that is really the biggest change. It is quite a revolution in the industry to be able to look into the future and see data cross channels and segments in order to create strategies according to those channels and segments. The Hospitality Channel will continue to follow discussions around data strategy.
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