• Dec

    Briefing: The battle for bookings pivots on tech

    According to Hipmunk, an online travel company, one-half of millennials say they’re “travel hackers”, meaning they know the best way to get a good travel deal. Research from Google states that only 23% of leisure travellers are confident they can find all of the same hotel and flight information on their smartphone that they can [...]
  • Sep

    Briefing: Global business in the face of uncertainty

    According to a report from Markit and CIPS, the UK services economy rebounded in August with The Business Activity Index up to 52.9 in August, from 47.4 in July. But we live in a global world and work in an international industry so global forecasts and upsets are always in mind. Markit and CIPS also [...]
  • May

    New look investment market

    With the remaining liquidity issues from the recession feeling like a little bit of a hangover, the market for investment has seen real change. Appreciating and understanding the new ways as to where hospitality will see investment is integral. Who are the new investors? What does the market look like at the moment? How can [...]