• Jan

    Briefing: Upgrading room technology

    According to a 2015 Lodging Technology Study, properties last year were allocating nearly 17% of their overall IT budget to guestroom technology. The study also found that 45% of properties had planned to upgrade their wireless in 2015. Demands on bandwidth are ever increasing as more internet enabled devices are entering the hotel space, and [...]
  • Nov

    Briefing: Trust in digital connections

    A new edition of the Trust Barometer from Edelman has found that online search engines are the most trusted source of general news and information, whilst friends and family are the most trusted content creators online. The digital age has changed the way we communicate and pass on [...]
  • Oct

    Briefing: How hospitality companies are evolving into digital businesses

    According to CSC’s Leading Edge Forum, less than 4 out of 10 companies are ready to take advantage of the new business opportunities arising from developments in digital technology. In the hospitality industry there have been some digital successes, and some companies struggling to keep up. A good digital culture needs good leadership and the right partnerships. In this [...]
  • Jun

    Briefing: Understanding brand power in a new landscape

    What does it mean to be a hospitality brand in 2015? Travellers today will not be as influenced by a brand name as they once were when booking accommodation. According to Mintel Group, 48% of guests will not visit the hotel’s website before arrival, and 79% see price as a [...]
  • May

    Briefing: Look to the Future of Hospitality

    If we could take a glimpse at the hospitality industry in five or ten years’ time what would it look like? 95% of people think, ‘hotels will increasingly look to new technologies to drastically increase efficiency, reduce costs, personalize the customer experience and improve service’. In the Future hotels will need to provide more personalised service and [...]
  • Jan

    2015 could be a tipping point for mobile

    30% of travel will be booked on mobile in 2015 according to Expedia. Mobile and tablet usage is set to grow further in all industries this year following 2014 during which the number of people owning both a smartphone and a tablet in Europe more than doubled to 48%. [...]
  • Feb

    Briefing: impacts of digital technology on hospitality

    In the modern world the way we receive information and the place we go for news, views and updates is through a connected device. Whether that be a desktop, laptop, tablet or mobile, digital technology is so engrained in life that we don’t even think about it. As an industry inherently involved in relationships with [...]
  • Oct

    Briefing: the age of data

    Hospitality is one of the most data rich industries on the planet. There is no doubt that most industries are truly envious of the depth of knowledge and understanding the industry has about every single person that walks through the doors. Data that can be so specific to an individual’s preferences when staying in a [...]
  • Jul

    Embracing the mobile world

    The escalation of mobile technology is something to be admired. The speed in which the digital world moves is often very hard to fathom. However, getting the basics right when using these tools is essential and the best hotel companies are grasping the opportunity that mobile technology gives them. Uptake of mobile technology is nothing [...]
  • Jul

    Creating positive online sentiment with engaged consumers

    The explosion in the way that everyone uses technology has dominated much conversation over the last few years. Technology, and more specifically the Internet, has brought new opportunities and new headaches for some in the way they communicate with stakeholders. Consumers now engage with brands more directly in an online world which is completely segregated [...]