swisscom hospitality services
  • Nov

    Briefing: Uniting systems for smooth service

    A good hotel should run like a well-oiled machine. And of course machines, data systems, and digital platforms are a key part of successful modern businesses. According to a report by Accenture, “77% of executives think that within three years companies will need to focus on training their machines as much as they do on [...]
  • Apr

    Briefing: Data Security fears rise among consumers

    A new report by Symantec found that 49% of UK consumers and 57% of European consumers are worried their data is not safe. The State of Privacy Report 2015 found that 81% people now recognise that their personal data has value, and one in three people give fake personal data so [...]
  • Oct

    Briefing: the age of data

    Hospitality is one of the most data rich industries on the planet. There is no doubt that most industries are truly envious of the depth of knowledge and understanding the industry has about every single person that walks through the doors. Data that can be so specific to an individual’s preferences when staying in a [...]