• Feb

    Briefing: No two career paths are the same

    There are a great many people who have worked their way up the hospitality ladder to success, but there are also many who find their career path takes them into hospitality through less conventional routes. A recent survey shows that the number one reason professionals would seek a new job in 2017 is that they need [...]
  • Sep

    Briefing: Millennial culture emphasises teamwork

    According to Deloitte’s Human Capital Trends 2016, 80% of executives report that they are either currently restructuring their organization or have recently completed the process. The report states that the need for innovation and the growing Millennial workforce among other factors is driving a trend for businesses to be organised into ever-changing “networks of teams”. [...]
  • Jun

    Briefing: Design = Context and Lifestyle

    Last month Marriott opened two new AC Hotels, ‘bringing the brand’s European design and style to the UK for the first time.’ Earlier this year the Grand Hyatt Rio De Janeiro opened. Hyatt had employed an internationally acclaimed interior designer in order to ‘set a new standard of luxury’. Meanwhile Starwood is a majority investor of Design [...]
  • Dec

    Briefing: Mobile is now the leading digital platform

    A new report by comScore has found that mobile is now the leading digital platform. The report found that total activity on smartphones and tablets accounts for 62% of time spent on digital media. It states that mobile applications alone now represent the majority of digital media usage [...]
  • Jul

    Briefing: Independent hotels find platforms for growth

    Independent hotels have more access to technology and distribution channels than ever before. Could this help them compete with the groups? According to a report from PWC; ‘about 40-60% of Europe’s hotels are currently estimated branded’. There are more unbranded hotels in rural areas than in cities and airports. The report also states [...]
  • Jun

    Briefing: Hotels invest in innovative design

    Last month IHG announced plans to open a new Hotel Indigo in The Sustainable City (TSC), a new large scale community development in Dubai. The city is intended to have the highest sustainability standards and the new Hotel Indigo will match this with a building designed [...]