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  • Jan

    Briefing: Data culture creates new risks

    Data has become a key tool that a hospitality business needs to perform at its best. Now businesses must recognise the importance of using the data they have in a responsibile way. A misuse of data could be a risk to a business and could destroy trust between it and its customers. The latest research [...]
  • Nov

    Briefing: The importance of strong leadership

    A new survey from Hospitality Sales and Marketing Association International (HSMAI) has uncovered the work, challenges, and concerns of senior Revenue Management professionals. It found that critical thinking was considered an important or very important management skill by all respondents, as was business acumen by 98% of respondents. What else is required to be an [...]
  • Sep

    Briefing: Millennial culture emphasises teamwork

    According to Deloitte’s Human Capital Trends 2016, 80% of executives report that they are either currently restructuring their organization or have recently completed the process. The report states that the need for innovation and the growing Millennial workforce among other factors is driving a trend for businesses to be organised into ever-changing “networks of teams”. [...]
  • Jan

    Briefing: Understanding Millennial priorities

    The latest research on millennials from Choice Hotels found that 33% of Millennials would put off buying a home to take a dream vacation. Holidays remain as desirable as ever. Particularly for this young generation where an opportunity to have a new experience can take priority over other areas of life. The study also found [...]
  • Dec

    Briefing: Learning to evolve is key to success

    In a survey by Gap International, 34% of executives ranked Mind-set/Attitude as the most important attribute for the success of great business leaders.  31% ranked People Skills/Team Building as most important, while only 15% rank Industry Experience this way. In an industry that is constantly evolving, no one can expect [...]
  • Aug

    Briefing: CEOs seek skills for the future

    According to PwC’s 18th Annual Global Survey, 61% of CEOs see more opportunities today than three years ago and 59% see more threats. We live in a dynamic world, business is being shaken up over and over again, but there are many ways in which business leaders can give innovation a place [...]
  • Jul

    Briefing: The urban planning revolution

    Modern developers and investors are thinking about urban space differently. Mixed-use builds are maximising space in cities, and some hospitality companies are doubling up assets in new projects. In Manchester, proposals have been made for a new “community” on the site of the old ITV studios. This will have 2-3 new hotels, including an event [...]
  • Jul

    Briefing: Routes to a successful hospitality career

    The Guardian has ranked the University of Surrey no1 for hospitality courses in the UK, with a satisfaction score of 93.1%. Traditionally hoteliers start at the bottom of the ladder and work their way up, learning on the job. Today, Surrey is just one of many universities [...]
  • Apr

    Briefing: UK and Europe expect growth in 2015

    A new forecast from PwC suggests that in 2015 the UK could see a 1.6% increase in hotel occupancy (to 78%), a 5.6% gain in RevPAR, and a stabilisation of GDP growth to 2.5%. In wider Europe, 17 out of the 20 cities in PwC’s
  • Jan

    Global employers need to rethink recruitment

    A new report from CEB has revealed that 1 in 5 new hires are “bad” or a “regretted decision”. Staff are of vital importance to the success of a business and the recruitment process can be an important factor in the way a new recruit behaves, according to the [...]