Peter O’Connor
  • Apr

    Briefing: Ctrip and OTAs globally

    In January Ctrip invested US$180m in MakeMyTrip Limited, India’s largest online travel company and also entered the UK market by buying a majority stake in Travelfusion, a UK-based meta-search website. The words OTA and disruption have almost become synonymous in the hospitality industry. Ctrip is a major OTA in China and is now making an impact across the [...]
  • Mar

    Briefing: Smart data adds value

    RevPar in the UK hotel industry is growing. According to PWC’s UK hotels forecast 2016, there will be 2.2% growth in ADR in London in 2016, which will help drive a RevPAR increase of 2.3% and take yields to £122. But hoteliers should not [...]
  • Mar

    Briefing: Industry unclear on customer acquisition costs

    According to Kalibri Labs customer acquisition cost is now upwards of 15%-25% of room revenue. The shift from direct booking to multi-channel booking means that cost of acquisition has become more of a cloudy issue in hospitality. Businesses must now take into account; fees, commissions, marketing cost, revenue, [...]
  • Feb

    Briefing: How the world is adapting to the sharing economy

    Airbnb has met a need on both the consumer and host side of its business model. It is up to date with the latest technology, and has even recently created an app for the Apple Watch. But regulation of this, and similar sharing economy [...]
  • Nov

    Briefing: mobile – the big sell

    Mobile technology is expanding at such a rate that it is really any wonder how people keep up with it. iPhone 5GS, Samsung Galaxy S4, Windows 8, Android, and BlackBerry are just a handful of terms that are in our modern-day vernacular without many of us really understanding what it means for us and for [...]
  • Feb

    Staying connected to your customer

    With the explosion of mobile technology across the globe, relationships with customers are no longer one-dimensional. Brands, corporations and businesses need to embrace new media capabilities to stay connected with their ever evolving consumer. Online commenting, reviewing and criticism is now a 24 hours a day phenomenon, even for the small brands. Understanding the correct [...]
  • Dec

    Is hospitality harnessing online data?

    Many believe that the hospitality industry is not using data effectively. There is a plethora being collected but how do you use this data.
  • Oct

    Building customer loyalty in the digital world

    The new digital world allows all brands and individuals to communicate with each other with the click of a few buttons. But is the hospitality sector fully utilising all the tools available? Mobile technologies now allow General Managers and other executives to understand exactly what is going on in real-time. This has never been achievable [...]
  • Sep

    Digital engagement – the next frontier

    The digital economy is an opportunity for many businesses to gain relationships with their customers like never before. This unprecedented accessibility to understand your consumer has never previously been achievable. Some brands are harnessing this new capability effectively, some are flirting with the idea, whilst some are yet to embrace it. What is clear, however, [...]
  • Aug

    Using big data intelligently

    The proliferation of data has never been so prevalent. Information is being created like never before. Customer interaction in hospitality through technology and software has been used for some time. As these systems become more sophisticated, companies can in turn be much more targeted and personalised in the way they interact with their customers. The [...]