• Dec

    Briefing: The battle for bookings pivots on tech

    According to Hipmunk, an online travel company, one-half of millennials say they’re “travel hackers”, meaning they know the best way to get a good travel deal. Research from Google states that only 23% of leisure travellers are confident they can find all of the same hotel and flight information on their smartphone that they can [...]
  • Apr

    Briefing: Ctrip and OTAs globally

    In January Ctrip invested US$180m in MakeMyTrip Limited, India’s largest online travel company and also entered the UK market by buying a majority stake in Travelfusion, a UK-based meta-search website. The words OTA and disruption have almost become synonymous in the hospitality industry. Ctrip is a major OTA in China and is now making an impact across the [...]
  • Sep

    Briefing: OTAs vs hotels in the rate debate

    Rate parity agreements, which have allowed OTAs to match any low price openly offered on hotel sites, have recently been a sore point between OTAs and hoteliers. This year, regulators across Europe have been scrutinizing these clauses. In July, France passed a law banning rate parity. Before this in January, a German Court upheld a [...]
  • Feb

    OTA giants are eating up the industry

    According to a report from IBISWorld, online travel agents are expected to account for 51% of the UK travel industry’s total revenue in 2015. This has risen from just 10% a decade ago. Online travel agents are now powerful entities in the hospitality world and [...]
  • Jun

    Briefing: like, share and embed travel experiences

    Online feedback has transformed the hospitality industry. Comment cards and guest books have always allowed customers to share their thoughts on their stay, but now these experiences, both good and bad, are being shared immediately online and it’s influencing where customers choose to spend their money. Consumers want to get a glimpse of holiday destinations [...]
  • Feb

    Briefing: the threat and opportunity of Online Travel Agents

    Online travel agents have embraced the digital world as a new business platform. They have taken full advantage of the low costings, have shaken up the industry, and have forced prices down. The efficient booking processes appeal to today’s time-strapped, bargain-hunting customers.  While this is a fantastic way for brands to distribute their product to [...]