• Dec

    Briefing: Mobile is now the leading digital platform

    A new report by comScore has found that mobile is now the leading digital platform. The report found that total activity on smartphones and tablets accounts for 62% of time spent on digital media. It states that mobile applications alone now represent the majority of digital media usage [...]
  • May

    Briefing: Reviews & credibility – Websites strive to build trust

    Online reviews continue to influence customer decisions. Data from Deloitte shows that 81% of general consumers read reviews and check ratings. In the hospitality industry these reviews are being published on different social media sites, direct on hotel and booking sites, and are frequently being written on mobiles and on mobile apps. Knowing that fake reviews [...]
  • Jan

    2015 could be a tipping point for mobile

    30% of travel will be booked on mobile in 2015 according to Expedia. Mobile and tablet usage is set to grow further in all industries this year following 2014 during which the number of people owning both a smartphone and a tablet in Europe more than doubled to 48%. [...]
  • Feb

    Briefing: impacts of digital technology on hospitality

    In the modern world the way we receive information and the place we go for news, views and updates is through a connected device. Whether that be a desktop, laptop, tablet or mobile, digital technology is so engrained in life that we don’t even think about it. As an industry inherently involved in relationships with [...]
  • Nov

    Briefing: mobile – the big sell

    Mobile technology is expanding at such a rate that it is really any wonder how people keep up with it. iPhone 5GS, Samsung Galaxy S4, Windows 8, Android, and BlackBerry are just a handful of terms that are in our modern-day vernacular without many of us really understanding what it means for us and for [...]
  • Jul

    Embracing the mobile world

    The escalation of mobile technology is something to be admired. The speed in which the digital world moves is often very hard to fathom. However, getting the basics right when using these tools is essential and the best hotel companies are grasping the opportunity that mobile technology gives them. Uptake of mobile technology is nothing [...]
  • Nov

    Exploiting the data rich industry

    Continuing on the technology theme, in this weeks series we try to understand how to use the data being created continuously from mobile devices, social media and feedback forums. Mining this information can help any hotel deliver that personal service that so many customers want. Reacting to this in real-time is the next obstacle, and [...]