Mintel International
  • Feb

    Briefing: No two career paths are the same

    There are a great many people who have worked their way up the hospitality ladder to success, but there are also many who find their career path takes them into hospitality through less conventional routes. A recent survey shows that the number one reason professionals would seek a new job in 2017 is that they need [...]
  • Dec

    Briefing: The battle for bookings pivots on tech

    According to Hipmunk, an online travel company, one-half of millennials say they’re “travel hackers”, meaning they know the best way to get a good travel deal. Research from Google states that only 23% of leisure travellers are confident they can find all of the same hotel and flight information on their smartphone that they can [...]
  • Dec

    Briefing: Ownership structures are changing

    This month, easyHotels announced the signing of a new franchise agreement for a 54 room hotel in Reading. Franchises make up the bulk of easyHotel’s rooms with 1,512 franchised rooms, verses 390 owned rooms. The hospitality industry is seeing a clear increase in franchising and management agreements, which means a separation of roles across businesses. [...]
  • Oct

    Briefing: Trust issues hold back the Sharing Economy

    New research shows that the Sharing Economy in the UK is being held back because of a lack of trust and understanding. A survey by Trust Pilot found that 29% of people have previously avoided using a sharing economy platform because of a lack of clarity on who would hold responsibility when something goes wrong. [...]
  • Apr

    Briefing: Ctrip and OTAs globally

    In January Ctrip invested US$180m in MakeMyTrip Limited, India’s largest online travel company and also entered the UK market by buying a majority stake in Travelfusion, a UK-based meta-search website. The words OTA and disruption have almost become synonymous in the hospitality industry. Ctrip is a major OTA in China and is now making an impact across the [...]
  • Feb

    Briefing: New entrants keep industry in flux

    Last year Amazon entered and left the hotel booking sphere in a matter of months. The hospitality industry is in flux with new players of all kinds entering the hospitality industry at different angles. Google has also made several ventures into hospitality with its now defunct hotel finder page, and more recently added hotel booking [...]