Keith Holdt
  • Mar

    Artificial Intelligence for everyone?

    We have entered a new era of ‘Big Data’ where digital information is being created at an unprecedented rate. All this data presents a unique opportunity to better understand what consumers want. But how to understand it all? In this week’s briefing we hear from industry experts on a new wave of business intelligence including: [...]
  • Feb

    Facebook vs. Google+ – The Battle for the Billions

    With the IPO of Facebook possibly today and Google combining the social world (Google+) with Search (Search+), the online giants are positioning themselves for an almighty battle. There is only one winner on the web and we are all about to watch who that will be. But what does it all mean for you? In [...]
  • Dec

    Surfing the digital wave

    This week’s briefing is a little different. A short feature with a host of experts speaking about the impact of digital technology and the changing dynamics of the hospitality business. Are you prepared for disruptive technology? Have you fully embraced the social world? Do you have all the data to make decisions? What are your [...]