Kathleen Matthews
  • Oct

    Chinese are tourism’s biggest spenders

    China overtook Germany and the United States as the largest spender in international tourism in 2012, according to UNWTO, with an expenditure of US$ 102 billion. The market is only getting bigger, in fact The Tourism Administration of China predicts that more than 100 million Chinese tourists will [...]
  • Sep

    Briefing: Digital age guests want connectivity as standard

    We live in a world of consumerised, mobile technology where guests increasingly use the latest gadgets at home and on the move. When guests check in to a hotel they do not stop wanting this level of connectivity. The hotel industry is upping its game, embracing technology as a part of the hotel’s design, infrastructure, [...]
  • Jul

    Briefing: Women at the top

    Although women have always accounted for over 50% of the hospitality workforce, this has typically been disproportionately towards the bottom of the pyramid. Things are gradually improving with women being promoted into C level roles, but there is still plenty of work to do to address the gender gap. In this briefing we speak to three [...]