• Feb

    Briefing: Guest experience is better with latest tech

    In a new report from Zebra Technologies, 66% of hospitality guests said that they have a better experience when hotels use the latest technology. Mobile phones and location technology are at the forefront of technology developments in hotels. Smart phone uses range from unlocking rooms, to receiving text notifications about room readiness, to receiving location based offers. [...]
  • Aug

    Briefing: CEOs seek skills for the future

    According to PwC’s 18th Annual Global Survey, 61% of CEOs see more opportunities today than three years ago and 59% see more threats. We live in a dynamic world, business is being shaken up over and over again, but there are many ways in which business leaders can give innovation a place [...]
  • Jun

    Briefing: Hotels invest in innovative design

    Last month IHG announced plans to open a new Hotel Indigo in The Sustainable City (TSC), a new large scale community development in Dubai. The city is intended to have the highest sustainability standards and the new Hotel Indigo will match this with a building designed [...]
  • May

    Briefing: Look to the Future of Hospitality

    If we could take a glimpse at the hospitality industry in five or ten years’ time what would it look like? 95% of people think, ‘hotels will increasingly look to new technologies to drastically increase efficiency, reduce costs, personalize the customer experience and improve service’. In the Future hotels will need to provide more personalised service and [...]
  • Jul

    Briefing: innovation to reinvent, evolve and adapt to markets

    In a changing world, products and operations must respond to disruptions and shifting markets. Business plans cannot be too rigid, especially when applied in new markets where the risk factors are unknown. Old technology and systems that are in place are not always appropriate to deal with new problems. So what do businesses need to [...]
  • Sep

    The importance of design

    It is clear that the emphasis placed on design and innovative features varies, depending on the type of hotel under construction. However, are consumers now placing more importance on hotel design in their buying patterns? Should investment into quirks and features be taken seriously by all or should it be limited to boutique hotels? Finding [...]
  • Sep

    Digital engagement – the next frontier

    The digital economy is an opportunity for many businesses to gain relationships with their customers like never before. This unprecedented accessibility to understand your consumer has never previously been achievable. Some brands are harnessing this new capability effectively, some are flirting with the idea, whilst some are yet to embrace it. What is clear, however, [...]
  • Aug

    Contemporary hospitality innovation

    Innovation within hotels is an essential part of hotel construction. Letting rooms go too long without renovation can severely damage a brand, especially when pictures and opinion can be readily shared at the click of a button. But how can you be innovative without huge investment. Some of the leading brands are taking new steps [...]
  • Jun

    Aligning modern innovation with business

    Consumers are now associating themselves with brands like never before, therefore new product that comes to the market needs to have something to lure them to it. Innovations in design and technology allows businesses to differentiate themselves from competitors and consequently appeal to different audiences. Some hotels are embracing new ideas to gain further market [...]