• Dec

    Briefing: Ownership structures are changing

    This month, easyHotels announced the signing of a new franchise agreement for a 54 room hotel in Reading. Franchises make up the bulk of easyHotel’s rooms with 1,512 franchised rooms, verses 390 owned rooms. The hospitality industry is seeing a clear increase in franchising and management agreements, which means a separation of roles across businesses. [...]
  • Nov

    Briefing: A good reputation goes a long way

    A new study from Resonance Consultancy has named London as the World’s Best City Brand. The results were based on analysis of social media comments about cities, by both locals and visitors. So how important is it that people are talking about your brand online, and how far are hospitality companies relying on Social Media [...]
  • Aug

    Briefing: Business keeps moving forward

    According to statistics from STR, in Q2 2016, Europe’s hotel industry reported nearly flat occupancy growth (+0.6% to 73.9%) and Central/South America region reported a decrease in occupancy. This year there has been a lot of reasons for concern around where we are in the economic cycle and whether geopolitical issues could disrupt the market. With [...]
  • Jul

    Briefing: innovation to reinvent, evolve and adapt to markets

    In a changing world, products and operations must respond to disruptions and shifting markets. Business plans cannot be too rigid, especially when applied in new markets where the risk factors are unknown. Old technology and systems that are in place are not always appropriate to deal with new problems. So what do businesses need to [...]
  • Nov

    Embracing new engagement tools

    All industries are learning about the new ways they can engage with their customers, clients and partners and perhaps most importantly potential customers. But is the hospitality industry lagging behind most others when it comes to embracing these new technologies? In this briefing we hear from some key experts about how they are using, and [...]
  • Nov

    Moving into new markets

    In this briefing we hear from leaders in the hospitality industry on how they are tackling opportunities in the BRIC countries and Africa. Those interviewed include Gebhard Rainer of Hyatt Group, Miguel Ruano of Hotel Solutions, Arthur de Haast of Jones Lang Lasalle Hotels and Robert Cook of Malmaison & Hotel du Vin.  
  • Nov

    Exploiting the data rich industry

    Continuing on the technology theme, in this weeks series we try to understand how to use the data being created continuously from mobile devices, social media and feedback forums. Mining this information can help any hotel deliver that personal service that so many customers want. Reacting to this in real-time is the next obstacle, and [...]