gerald lawless
  • Nov

    Briefing: Disengaged employees need some inspiration

    Worldwide, only 13% of employees are engaged in their work, according to research by Gallup. Similarly worrying statistics have shown up across several studies in recent years. Boston Research Group, for example, found that 27% of corporate bosses and only 4% of employees believe their firms are inspiring places [...]
  • Oct

    Briefing: Wellness – A surging $3.4 trillion market

    The Global Wellness Institute’s 2014 report has revealed that Wellness is a US$3.4 trillion industry. The Global Spa & Wellness Economy Monitor shows that there has been rapid growth of the industry in recent years, which the report attributes to population aging, economic prosperity in emerging economies, and the [...]
  • Oct

    Briefing: keeping your team and colleagues motivated

    In a global hospitality organisation it can be very difficult to keep in touch with colleagues in multiple locations, in multiple languages, across multiple timezones. Motivating these cherished members of your team is a task which shouldn’t be taken lightly considering these people are conveying the brand standards to your guests 24/7. But how do [...]
  • Jul

    Creating positive online sentiment with engaged consumers

    The explosion in the way that everyone uses technology has dominated much conversation over the last few years. Technology, and more specifically the Internet, has brought new opportunities and new headaches for some in the way they communicate with stakeholders. Consumers now engage with brands more directly in an online world which is completely segregated [...]
  • Jun

    Confidence emerging in hospitality

    This is an exciting time in hospitality. The industry is outperforming the global economy and this optimism in the sector is allowing deals to be done. Although deal activity remains below the levels of pre-2007, it is important that the hospitality industry showcases itself more positively. With the upward trends that we are seeing, this [...]
  • May

    Global development of hospitality brands

    Economic recovery globally is in a much better position than it was 12 months ago. Some markets however are still struggling whilst others are thriving and it’s integral to understand the macro-economic fundamentals before getting into the detail. Whether you are a hospitality developer or an investor, understanding what product is needed in each market [...]