• Oct

    Briefing: The opportunity and challenge of hospitality alternatives

    A report by JLL has found that serviced apartments account for less than 10% of total room inventory in London – and in UK regions account for only 3.9%. This highlights that there is still a lot of opportunity for serviced apartments and other types of alternative accommodation to grow. But are these relatively new [...]
  • May

    Briefing: Political risk from ‘Brexit’

    The EU referendum, which will take place in just under a month in the UK, has been the cause of much political debate. Fears have been stirred up about the potential negative impact of either outcome. But how has this affected investor sentiment and how would the UK’s exit from the European Union impact business [...]
  • Apr

    Briefing: Ctrip and OTAs globally

    In January Ctrip invested US$180m in MakeMyTrip Limited, India’s largest online travel company and also entered the UK market by buying a majority stake in Travelfusion, a UK-based meta-search website. The words OTA and disruption have almost become synonymous in the hospitality industry. Ctrip is a major OTA in China and is now making an impact across the [...]
  • Sep

    Briefing: OTAs vs hotels in the rate debate

    Rate parity agreements, which have allowed OTAs to match any low price openly offered on hotel sites, have recently been a sore point between OTAs and hoteliers. This year, regulators across Europe have been scrutinizing these clauses. In July, France passed a law banning rate parity. Before this in January, a German Court upheld a [...]
  • Sep

    Briefing: Guest satisfaction – Meeting expectations

    A new study from J.D. Power has found that the overall hotel guest satisfaction score in the US has risen to a record high of 804 out of 1000 in 2015. It is a different story in the UK. A survey by Hotel Info looked at guest satisfaction scores in Europe. The UK only scored [...]
  • Sep

    Briefing: The real estate perspective

    A survey by Berwin Leighton Paisner earlier this year found that, 70% of hotel professionals believe hotels will continue to outperform “traditional” commercial property investments. A separate survey by PwC ranked hotels number 6 for investment prospects in a list of 20 real estate sectors. 62% of respondents to the survey said hotels had either [...]
  • Aug

    Briefing: Growth and opportunities in Russia

    Russia’s hospitality market is young compared to other European destinations. It is growing as a destination and the number of outbound Russian travellers is also increasing. It is a unique market covering a vast space and has highly populated cities. Supply at the premium end of the market in the main cities has met demand. [...]
  • Aug

    Briefing: The recession has taught the industry about good deal making

    There is optimism in the industry. Conferences are once again full of positive talk about growth and development. But while deals are flowing again, it is important not to take a growing economy for granted. So what should companies be thinking about when putting together deals? How has the industry adapted? What upsets might lie [...]
  • Jan

    Briefing: the future of Europe

    An established market like Europe is one which comes with intrigue, pitfalls and opportunity. The harsh reality of the recession has allowed businesses to reassess and re-analyse growth strategies for their organisations. There is no doubt that Europe is a complex environment with huge opportunities in certain markets, next to markets which you would struggle [...]
  • Sep

    Briefing: the time to budget

    One of the latest developments in European hospitality is the very bullish view of the budget hotel sector. Consumers are willing to compromise on luxury if it means a fair price. This increased competitiveness is being seen across the European market leaving much of the mid-market sector being squeezed and having to reassess their hotel [...]