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  • Dec

    Briefing: Ownership structures are changing

    This month, easyHotels announced the signing of a new franchise agreement for a 54 room hotel in Reading. Franchises make up the bulk of easyHotel’s rooms with 1,512 franchised rooms, verses 390 owned rooms. The hospitality industry is seeing a clear increase in franchising and management agreements, which means a separation of roles across businesses. [...]
  • Aug

    Briefing: Business keeps moving forward

    According to statistics from STR, in Q2 2016, Europe’s hotel industry reported nearly flat occupancy growth (+0.6% to 73.9%) and Central/South America region reported a decrease in occupancy. This year there has been a lot of reasons for concern around where we are in the economic cycle and whether geopolitical issues could disrupt the market. With [...]
  • Jun

    Briefing: Understanding your digital skill level

    According to the L2 Digital IQ Index, Marriott has the highest digital IQ of all luxury hotel brands, at 162. This is a considerable margin above the second ranked hotel group, which has been given a Digital IQ of 137. An understanding of how to engage online is vital to the success of a hospitality [...]
  • May

    Investment in data is the future of hospitality

    Staying connected to your customer is of paramount importance as customer loyalty is to brands. The hospitality sector is very unusual as the amount of data a hotel might have about an individual is perhaps more than any other industry. But how should hospitality embrace new technology to capitalise on the enormous amount of data [...]