• Nov

    Briefing: Deal-making in today’s hotel market

    Hotels are a strong commercial property asset class but there are many global factors at play changing the hospitality landscape. According to JLL, the first six months of 2016 saw Asia become the largest source of outbound capital flowing into global hotel real estate. The report also found that global hotel deal activity in the [...]
  • Jun

    Briefing: Design = Context and Lifestyle

    Last month Marriott opened two new AC Hotels, ‘bringing the brand’s European design and style to the UK for the first time.’ Earlier this year the Grand Hyatt Rio De Janeiro opened. Hyatt had employed an internationally acclaimed interior designer in order to ‘set a new standard of luxury’. Meanwhile Starwood is a majority investor of Design [...]
  • May

    Briefing: Political risk from ‘Brexit’

    The EU referendum, which will take place in just under a month in the UK, has been the cause of much political debate. Fears have been stirred up about the potential negative impact of either outcome. But how has this affected investor sentiment and how would the UK’s exit from the European Union impact business [...]
  • Jan

    Briefing: Demand for data services

    A report from KPMG has found that 58% of organizations have difficulties evaluating data quality and reliability. Only 19% say they are currently ‘very satisfied’ with the insights their Data and Analytics tools provide. And only 14% think they have all the talent and capabilities they need to fully leverage data and analytics. Relevant information [...]
  • Jan

    Briefing: Understanding Millennial priorities

    The latest research on millennials from Choice Hotels found that 33% of Millennials would put off buying a home to take a dream vacation. Holidays remain as desirable as ever. Particularly for this young generation where an opportunity to have a new experience can take priority over other areas of life. The study also found [...]
  • Dec

    Briefing: Learning to evolve is key to success

    In a survey by Gap International, 34% of executives ranked Mind-set/Attitude as the most important attribute for the success of great business leaders.  31% ranked People Skills/Team Building as most important, while only 15% rank Industry Experience this way. In an industry that is constantly evolving, no one can expect [...]
  • Nov

    Briefing: Trust in digital connections

    A new edition of the Trust Barometer from Edelman has found that online search engines are the most trusted source of general news and information, whilst friends and family are the most trusted content creators online. The digital age has changed the way we communicate and pass on [...]
  • Oct

    Briefing: Design – Demand and revenue

    Hotel design is rapidly evolving to keep up with consumer demands and global trends. When it is done well, clever design can really add to the revenue of a hotel. The hospitality industry spends annually about $3.7 billion on energy. Initiatives like UNWTO’s Tourism [...]
  • Aug

    Illuminating all accommodation options

    A new report from Savills found that only 8% of UK consumers can name a serviced apartment or aparthotel brand. Although alternative accommodation sectors like serviced apartments, vacation rentals, and hostels have been growing, largely thanks to the opportunities online, there is still a lack of awareness of these products compared to hotels. To rectify [...]
  • Aug

    Briefing: The expansion of extended stay

    A Special Report by Skift and Homewood Suites by Hilton found that there has been a 42.3% year over year growth in the pipeline for extended-stay properties in the US. Homewood Suites has 325 hotels in the US. Another growing extended-stay brand is