Executive management
  • Jun

    Opportunity in Africa

    The African continent is vast and one where there is a wealth of opportunity. Risks associated with the continent means many approach investing in the area with trepidation. However, many believe we are seeing its final dawn. Some countries don’t have a branded hotel located within it, others are resource heavy and with a growing [...]
  • May

    New look investment market

    With the remaining liquidity issues from the recession feeling like a little bit of a hangover, the market for investment has seen real change. Appreciating and understanding the new ways as to where hospitality will see investment is integral. Who are the new investors? What does the market look like at the moment? How can [...]
  • May

    The role of government

    Government’s role in shaping industries is integral, hospitality is a major source of trade which they should be very aware of. In this current time as Europe struggles to come to an agreement on a stimulus package for many countries, politicians now need to look at industries which can help set the economy back on [...]
  • May

    Strategies for tackling European market

    Europe is a continent which has seen dramatic change in the last 5 years. The landscape for deal making has completely changed, consumer demand has shifted and there is still a need for Europe to find its footing after a troublesome few years. In this briefing we get a few perspectives on companies strategies for [...]
  • May

    Dragon breathing fire on Chinese market

    The emergence of China as a dominant global player is no secret. Capitalizing on this new opportunity is something which many hospitality brands have been looking to tackle for some time. Many questions have arisen due to the assumption that Western products will appeal to Chinese consumers. This is not the case. In this briefing [...]
  • Apr

    Confidence in the long-term with Middle East

    Every region of the World is facing different problems including the Middle East. It is, however, still a region of much interest and large growth prospects as the dust settles on some of the difficulties it has faced. Many believe that the strategy within the region is a long-term one. In this briefing we hear [...]
  • Apr

    Components of contemporary deal making

    Financing projects has seen dramatic change in the last 3 years. Understanding what components are needed to secure that finance is integral for growth. Is 2012 the year we see a resurgence in hospitality deal making? What is the environment needed for doing deals? Key experts share their thoughts on how investment has changed and [...]
  • Apr

    Strategies for a downturn

    The continuing difficult economic environment can provide opportunity for clever businesses. Europe has been hit hard, with global ripples, by the recent recession. Understanding how to mitigate risk is therefore essential. How has hospitality been effected by the economic downturn? Is it possible that the industry is independent of some economic trends? And what needs [...]
  • Mar

    Managing the hard times

    Obstacles and difficulties are faced by every business. This has, of course, been exacerbated by the economic conditions of the past couple of years. Many believe we are coming out of recession. However, this still doesn’t gurantee plain sailing when making business decisions. The market is still tough, companies have streamlined their operations in the [...]
  • Mar

    Artificial Intelligence for everyone?

    We have entered a new era of ‘Big Data’ where digital information is being created at an unprecedented rate. All this data presents a unique opportunity to better understand what consumers want. But how to understand it all? In this week’s briefing we hear from industry experts on a new wave of business intelligence including: [...]