Hospitality careers should be showcased

Author: Thomas Dubaere, James Kirk (

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Hospitality careers offer many opportunities. In this TV show Thomas Dubaere of Accor SA, suggests the industry should work more with young people to get them interested.

Hospitality Careers: Thomas Dubaere's story

I think we are too modest. We’re doing great things but I don’t think we talk enough about it. We don’t talk enough about the career possibilities that we have in our business. I’ll take my example, it’s an easy one, I started 22 years ago as a receptionist and today I’m proud to be managing director of this company here in the UK. And I’ve travelled quite a lot in Europe. So I mean the means are there, the possibilities are there, the growth is there, so I think that part of our business, we’re so passionate about it, we don’t share it enough. We need to go to schools, we need to be proactive with schools. I mean as much as we need the theoretical basis, I am pretty sure and I know out of experience, that the students and also the schools and the teachers, they also need the practical. So we need to talk to them. We need to invite them. We need to showcase, and testimonies which we have of young unemployed which made a career. We need to talk about our developments. We need to showcase our brands. I mean we have a great product. We have so many different brands and each of them with a specific character. We have a big story, we’re too modest. The Hospitality Channel will continue to share advice and stories from those who have forged successful hospitality careers.
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