The industry must be more intelligent about attracting Chinese travellers

Author: Taleb Rifai, James Kirk (

Categories: Chinese travel

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The industry must be more intelligent about attracting Chinese travellers

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  • Oct

    Chinese are tourism’s biggest spenders

    China overtook Germany and the United States as the largest spender in international tourism in 2012, according to UNWTO, with an expenditure of US$ 102 billion. The market is only getting bigger, in fact The Tourism Administration of China predicts that more than 100 million Chinese tourists will [...]
  • Aug

    Briefing: Growth and opportunities in Russia

    Russia’s hospitality market is young compared to other European destinations. It is growing as a destination and the number of outbound Russian travellers is also increasing. It is a unique market covering a vast space and has highly populated cities. Supply at the premium end of the market in the main cities has met demand. [...]
  • Feb

    Hospitality being noticed by global Governments

    One of the biggest problems hospitality has is demonstrating to the Government’s of the World the value the industry brings to their economies. Hospitality seems to continually fall off the radar when it comes to the key drivers of change and growth across the World. With the work of Taleb Rifai at the UNWTO and [...]
  • May

    The role of government

    Government’s role in shaping industries is integral, hospitality is a major source of trade which they should be very aware of. In this current time as Europe struggles to come to an agreement on a stimulus package for many countries, politicians now need to look at industries which can help set the economy back on [...]
  • May

    Dragon breathing fire on Chinese market

    The emergence of China as a dominant global player is no secret. Capitalizing on this new opportunity is something which many hospitality brands have been looking to tackle for some time. Many questions have arisen due to the assumption that Western products will appeal to Chinese consumers. This is not the case. In this briefing [...]
  • Apr

    Strategies for a downturn

    The continuing difficult economic environment can provide opportunity for clever businesses. Europe has been hit hard, with global ripples, by the recent recession. Understanding how to mitigate risk is therefore essential. How has hospitality been effected by the economic downturn? Is it possible that the industry is independent of some economic trends? And what needs [...]