UK Tourism: If I was Prime Minister for one day

Author: Stephen McCall, James Kirk (

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UK Tourism is already fantastic. One improvement that Stephen McCall of IHG, suggests is to make it easier for everyone to visit. He explains in this TV show.

UK Tourism could be more welcoming

I would do everything I could to throw the doors of the UK open to our friends in emerging nations like China, India, Brazil, make it as easy as possible for them to travel as welcoming as possible when they get here. And give them some real reasons to visit, reasons to believe. I think there is absolutely no reason why the UK does not attract more than its fair share, other than we make it a little bit harder than it needs to be for people to visit this country, and that means things like, you know, easing the visa process, lowering VAT. We’ve got the second highest rate of VAT in Europe and it doesn’t really help. So we’ve got to maintain our competitiveness. And frankly, the rest of it’s already here. We’ve got the ingredients, we just need to make better use of them I think. The Hospitality Channel asked other experts what they would do as Prime Minister. Keep an eye out for their answers. We will continue to discuss UK tourism.  
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