New generation workforce will find their own way to make a difference

Author: Stephan Balzer, James Kirk (

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The new generation workforce is not following the traditional career paths, as Stephan Balzer of Red Onion gmbH discusses in this TV show.

New generation workforce value improvement

This new generation really wants to contribute.  They want to contribute and they want to be a part of changing the world, if you paint a bigger picture, to make the world a better place, it’s really interesting.  Look, it sounds a bit idealistic but at the same time they are really very down to earth, they’re well educated and they really want to contribute and do something. What we see in the market is that it’s a lot of human resources offices and, you know, and divisions have a hard time to attract, you know, all this community to join and work in the old way, in, you know, in their very hierarchic systems, you know, where it takes a lot of time to improve where, you know, there’s little freedom.  But you know you have to actually work on the stuff that your boss is telling you etc, etc.  I think if you as a brand want to really leverage the potential of that generation you have to probably rethink the way you work as well, you know. We have to be more flexible, more open, less thinking in hierarchies. They’d rather earn less and start their own company or they join a start-up company that is fastly growing than going to, you know, an old company.  So it’s fascinating but really challenging. Keep browsing The Hospitality Channel for more great TV shows on the new generation workforce and related issues.  
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