Operations management and selling dreams

Author: Sinai Pedreschi, James Kirk (yBC.tv)

Categories: Marketing, Operations, Staff
Tags: communication, job satisfaction, sales
Operations management should liaise well with sales teams so that all staff understand and implement the same vision that is being sold to potential guests. Sinai Pedreschi of The Stafford London explains further in this TV show.

Operations management of the company vision

We sell the dream, they operate the reality. The core is that we have a reliable team back at base that understand what the sales team are doing, understand the process of what we’re doing. So when we’re entertaining, when we’re showing guests around. These are the potential guests that are going to give the revenue back to the hotel, which in turn gives them job satisfaction as well. So it’s all a cyclical thing. So I would say that it is making sure that all areas work together. And now, we understand nothings perfect in life, but it’s really important to understand that people understand the message. People buy into it, they have a personal goal themselves to make sure that it happens. We hope you enjoyed this video about operations management and communication among staff. Why not browse more TV shows on The Hospitality Channel.
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