Youth movement needed in Russia & the CIS

Author: Scott Antel, James Kirk (

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Youth movement is changing economies and business all over the world. Scott Antel of DLA Piper Russia discusses the issue in this TV show.

A youth movement would understand the real economy

I would like to see a youth movement. And I was talking with some fellow from Indonesia today and they’re going through elections again, you know a young democracy. And there’s too many old people still in power running things and they’re tainted, they’re either tainted in the way they do things, their lack of appreciation of how a real market economy works. And they’re tainted either also because of things against them or the connections that they formerly have that potentially can be used against them. You really do need a youth movement to get things going. And they’ll make mistakes. But something that gets rid of the, what I would call today’s stagnation instability, the stagbility. And that is going to be a challenge, not just in Russia, Ukraine and that exists in the other CIS countries as well, in some cases worse.

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