Tourism industry is cyclical

Author: Rutger Smits, James Kirk (

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The tourism industry has peaks and troughs like any other. In this TV show Rutger Smits of Al Rayyan Tourism Investment Company (ARTIC) discusses taking a long term view of tourism.

Tourism industry winners

If you invest in the hotel sector you have to take a long term view.  The tourism industry is cyclical.  I think overall, you’ll see that the tourism industry for those who know what they’re doing and investing wisely, can provide higher returns than any other asset class.  But you have to take a long term view.  Yes, you can be speculative and build for a boom, and get caught out by, you know, something that just goes bust all of a sudden. But it’s the long term investor I think ultimately that wins, and that’s our view.  We are buyers, we’re not sellers, we’re buying assets to hold them, to reposition them if necessary, to keep investing in them and make sure they keep on performing well so they can withstand the test of times and the cyclicality of the market.

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