Technology revolution puts guests in the centre

Author: Philippe Bijaoui, James Kirk (

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A technology revolution is happening everywhere. Innovation could help the hospitality industry connect with guests, as Philippe Bijaoui discusses in this TV show.

Innovation & the technology revolution

I think the industry in general needs to put more efforts, put more resources into innovation. We are nearly working the same way that we used to work before. And I think there is a moment where we will need to just think, stop, look and try to innovate. And the other thing is in the operation of, because we are, I mean hotel development is linked to real estate, to business, to return, always think back to the guest. The guest is the bread and butter, is the essence of everything. And I don’t think we can progress in the hotel industry if we don’t place the guest at the centre of our decisions. We have been one of the first company that you see apps for reservations on smartphones and the iPhones and all that. It opens a wide range of opportunities to communicate directly with the guest before even he checks in. And very soon the check-in will be also available on apps. I see it coming, I don’t know how long it will take to be implemented, we have to resolve security issues of course. But sooner or later we will have that as well. And I think that’s a sector which will keep opening new opportunities.

The Hospitality Channel is following discussions surrounding the technology revolution and how it is affecting the hospitality industry.

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