• Jul

    Briefing: innovation to reinvent, evolve and adapt to markets

    In a changing world, products and operations must respond to disruptions and shifting markets. Business plans cannot be too rigid, especially when applied in new markets where the risk factors are unknown. Old technology and systems that are in place are not always appropriate to deal with new problems. So what do businesses need to [...]
  • May

    Briefing: Government must clear path for hospitality growth

    A well governed organisation offering quality services will engage customers. But without government cooperation and well developed infrastructure the delivery of the product is more difficult. Visas, travel restrictions, expenses and security fears can put customers off. Collaboration within the industry is needed to highlight these barriers to business. Also, more communication between the governments [...]
  • Jan

    Understanding the role of the owner

    Appreciating who takes responsibility for risk in a hotel is something which has been scrutinised deeply in light of the recent recession. All those involved in deal making need to understand the risks in a new development or project in order for it to be successful. Historically, maybe there has been too much risk with [...]
  • Aug

    Modern-day construction of deals

    Deal making in hospitality has always been complex. However, the current economic environment has led to some key differences in how deals are now constructed. Has the speed in which deals are done changed post 2007? What sort of deals are being putting together? And what are the components that are needed to speed up [...]
  • Jul

    Global opportunities in 2012

    Appreciating where the opportunities lie in the global marketplace is essential to maintain the growth of any business. There are many differing opinions on where these areas of growth lie; should brands be re-investing in their current portfolio or should they be aggressively pursuing new products? The impacts of the recession are still being felt [...]
  • Jun

    Opportunity in Africa

    The African continent is vast and one where there is a wealth of opportunity. Risks associated with the continent means many approach investing in the area with trepidation. However, many believe we are seeing its final dawn. Some countries don’t have a branded hotel located within it, others are resource heavy and with a growing [...]