Hotel industry discussion at HDE

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Hotel industry discussion at conferences is a great way to help the industry to develop. The Hospitality Channel attends many of theses events. In this TV show Peter Anscomb appreciates open honest discussion at the Hotel Distribution Event.

Hotel industry conferences for networking and real conversation

It has in terms of a lot of it on the networking side in terms of interaction with others and exchange reviews. I think one thing, having done, when I said 27 years before, I mean I've been involved as an advisory board speaking member of panels for the last, nearly 20 years, here, US, Europe – one thing that I've noticed and I've just commented to someone else in there, is it’s quite refreshing to see the level of honesty and open debate on platforms because so many conferences are based across people where they’re having to talk about the performance of their company when it’s looking at financial things, strategy things, rather than a product that's got to be engineered to work for the industry. Often people are trying to get across corporate messages rather than something that actually is of educational and debating value. So I've found a lot of this quite refreshing in terms of being quite honest on the studies, you know, and that's good.

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