Diverse hospitality career development paths

Author: Olivier Granet, James Kirk (yBC.tv)

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Tags: Accor, auditing, career development, career paths, CFO, consulting, Europe, Middle East
Hospitality career development can take people in many different directions as Olivier Granet explains in this TV show.

Hospitality career development story

It’s very interesting to see an industry of diversity of profiles. So you have people that started when they were very young and then they had the opportunity to take all the different steps during their career. Some people have been graduated and had other experience before joining the industry. This is my case where I had 10 years of auditing and consulting before joining Accor. I joined Accor 15 years ago as a CFO. And then I had the chance, and that is the beauty of this industry, to do plenty of different job in different part of the world. I have been central Europe, I have been Paris, I’m now in Middle East working on different jobs. And this is really what can offer the hospitality industry when you have the motivation, when you have the capacity to adapt and to change. I think that we have the chance to have a worldwide industry with a lot of opportunities.

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