Working in hospitality is about people

Author: Nima Davoodzadeh, James Kirk (

Categories: Operations, Staff
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Working in hospitality involves building up knowledge of all departments. In this TV show Nima Davoodzadeh gives his advice for working in hospitality.

The big picture of working in hospitality

Start on the floor, start with operation and rotate, go and work in all the departments, really develop an understanding of the different disciplines because later on in the career whichever path you choose you will need that experience. You’re always going to fall back on that. Hotel business is people business. You can talk about it , you can write about it but at the end of the day you have to go to the hotel, feel the atmosphere, you can touch it and this is something that we use a lot, not only with our associates but also with all other stake holders, with our owners, with our franchisees. Every time we have a new hotel launch in the city we make a big event out of it because that’s how you can really introduce in the market what the product is all about. I would like to see hotel companies focusing more on hospitality and investors focusing more on real estate so everybody’s doing what they do best. Wyndham historically has been an asset light company. And now we’re seeing more and more companies going that way, so I think that’s a great trend.

The Hospitality Channel will continue to share TV shows with advice for working in hospitality.

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