Job opportunities through industry expansion

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Job opportunities for returning students is an aspect of industry development that Mohammed Al Nashwan discusses in this TV show.

Providing local job opportunities to youth

We owe these young people to create a better world for them and better job opportunities and they have to we have, at the moment, as far as I know, we have about 120,000 students abroad studying.

These students are coming back, we need to create jobs, we need to have a better environment for them to capitalise in their quality education, so they would serve in their own country and improve the existing service standards.

So definitely personally and as a group, for Hartt, we are working with certain advising committee of certain government, hotel institutions and tourism institutions, we are working closely to create hotel institution, world-class, to give these people chances so they can understand, you know, the passion and the satisfaction that you get from serving other and being an ambassador for your own country, you know, for those visitors who come to your country.


Creating job opportunities for youth is just one consideration in business development. The Hospitality Channel will have videos about all aspects of the industry.

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