Seasonal tourism industry in Saudi Arabia

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The seasonal tourism industry will see huge profits during festivals and holidays, and empty rooms through the rest of the year. In this hospitality TV show Martin Ostermann explains the situation in Saudi Arabia.

Issues with the seasonal tourism industry

Unique market, it’s growing, it’s growing very heavily.  We’re looking at several opportunities in Saudi Arabia at the moment, key cities like Riyadh.  But there’s a lot of focus on the holy cities, a large number of rooms being developed there.  With Saudi, we feel it’s a bit tricky still in terms of getting the right product lined up with the expectation of the market and of the developers as well.  Simply because in the holy cities you find a massive amount of rooms with relatively small room sizes that aren’t, you know, fit for, let’s say, an international five star brand because during the off season there you have the challenge of selling them against the competitors there.  The main season, the religious travellers the hotels fill up naturally.  But then obviously the other part of the year you have to compete as you would in a normal market.  And we see a little bit of leisure tourism developing in Saudi Arabia as well along the coastline. So that’s another opportunity that we’re looking at.

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