Exciting hospitality industry opportunities in Kenya

Author: Marianne Jordan, James Kirk (yBC.tv)

Categories: Africa
Tags: Africa, competitivness, infrastucture development, undersupply
Hospitality industry opportunities are increased when the right infrastructure is in place. In this TV show Marianne Jordan of KTDC discusses the activity in Kenya

Infrastructure for hospitality industry opportunities

I think in the last ten years the parameters and the policies for serious investment has been put in place, and there’s been a lot of infrastructure development going on. What we found is in tourism we had a huge undersupply of beds because demand was getting so high that the guests were actually staying in Kenya for a shorter stay. It moved from about 15 days to 19 days in about three years. So that was also making us less competitive, so the economy itself is also growing very very fast because it’s like the centre of East Africa region, and it’s also one of the most developed in that region. So there is a lot of economic activity going on, and that of course, when that starts, the hotels and the tourism industry also thrives.

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