African Marketplace opportunities can be brought to fruition

Author: Lourie Kruger, James Kirk (

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Tags: Africa, development potential, hot markets, marketplace, risk, untapped market
The African Marketplace still has untapped potential. In this TV show Lourie Kruger of Kingdom Hotels discusses how to approach this opportunity.

Delivering the potential of the African Marketplace

Broadly, understand your market. And that’s a function of time spent in these markets. The opportunity, everybody’s going to tell you about how large the opportunity in Africa is. It’s to bring that opportunity to fruition and effective or deliver effective value to shareholders you’ve got to understand what your marketplace looks like. And that’s all about managing the risks. I think the African opportunity is all about an untapped market. Again, if you have the resources and the experience that you are going to be able to back yourself in terms of managing the risk, there is no other opportunity at this time as large and with as much potential as Africa.

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African Marketplace opportunities can be brought to fruition

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