A career with no regrets

Author: Kingsley Seevaratnam

Categories: careers

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A career with no regrets

Author: Kingsley Seevaratnam

Encouraging debate within the business

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A great working environment encourages loyalty

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Hospitality is an exciting industry

Author: Kingsley Seevaratnam
  • Nov

    Briefing: Hospitality professionals have rewarding careers

    A recent Survey from Best Western has uncovered the worrying statistic that more than a third of parents (42%) say they’d discourage their child from a career in hospitality. However, a separate survey has found that in Scotland people working in hotels and lodgings ranked their happiness second highest of all industries. In Rwanda, Marriott [...]
  • Apr

    Briefing: Hospitality is a valuable job creator

    Travel & Tourism is one of the world’s largest industries and offers many fantastic opportunities for a great career. According to figures from WTTC the industry supports 277 million jobs and generates 9.8 per cent of world GDP. In the UK hospitality currently has a 3 million strong [...]
  • Feb

    Successful deal-making in 2013

    As the 2013 International Hotel Investment Forum makes its annual appearance in the calendar, many will be looking to network and understand where the next great deals of this year will come from. Where are the hot markets? Which are the most innovative hospitality companies? Who should we be watching? How will projects get financed? [...]
  • Aug

    Momentum swing in Europe

    Battling to retain market share when economic conditions are so tough is a continual headache for most, but has the industry seen the worst of it in Europe?
  • Jun

    The changing face of the consumer

    Growing complexities in the contemporary environment don’t help in trying to paint a picture of your consumer. Technology, and more specifically the Internet, has opened up a wealth of opportunities but, some would argue, also a plethora of headaches. Consumers are being seen to completely change the way they purchase everything. Hotel brands have to [...]
  • May

    New look investment market

    With the remaining liquidity issues from the recession feeling like a little bit of a hangover, the market for investment has seen real change. Appreciating and understanding the new ways as to where hospitality will see investment is integral. Who are the new investors? What does the market look like at the moment? How can [...]