Health and Wellness is an all-seasons business

Author: Jovica Mracevic, James Kirk (

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Health and Wellness can be a great tourism driver, as Jovica Mracevic discusses in this TV show.

Health and Wellness extends seasonal markets

For a number of reasons.  First we believe that organic food and organic market and a health and a wellness is something that we should be focused on because we all today want to be healthy, to be happy, to live longer, to be more youthful.  So we are certainly focusing on that.  And that is one of our, let’s say brand pillars that we have for our development.  The other thing why we are focusing on it because we are looking into extending the seasonality aspect of the coast of Montenegro.  So far Montenegro has been mostly a seasonal destination with the majority of its tourists, close to 90% of them coming within the four months period, June, July, August and September.  However looking into these other options such as the wellness and a medical spa as well as the conference centre and catering towards that kind of niche of market, is something that can help us extend the seasonality and go into other seasons such as winter, fall and spring.

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