Hospitality careers involve more than one business

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Hospitality careers can be forged within hotels in management and service, or outside as a buyer or seller. In this TV show Jim Abrahamson explains why you need to understand both industries for success.

Hospitality careers: hotel business Vs the business of hotels

My advice to other people is, is go lateral.  We think that a career growth is not a straight line, seize opportunities.  I think we’re in two businesses, we’re in the hotel business, happy people, smiling faces, good food and service. We’re also in the business of hotels, learn both of those business, understand the hotel business but also understand the business of hotels.  Because you see here at this conference, the buying, selling, financing, trading environment of hotels, to be truly a senior executive of the future, it’s harnessing both of those business.  I see too many people very myopically focused in either the business of hotels or the hotel business and it doesn’t give them growth.  Brand new career, take an interesting new path, shout your cause going forward, it’s been successful for me, the best advice I can have is to truly understand those businesses for success in your career in the hospitality industry.

The Hospitality Channel has many more shows with advice for hospitality careers on both sides of the business. Take a look at the briefing Hospitality is more than a job.

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