Why elephants are important to the African tourism industry

Author: Jackie Somers, James Kirk (yBC.tv)

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A huge asset in the African tourism industry is the unique landscapes on the continent. Elephants are a part of what makes Africa special, as Jackie Somers of The David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust discusses in this TV show.

African tourism industry driver

It’s important on a number of levels.  In Kenya one in four jobs is reliant upon tourism.  If we don’t have elephants we’re not going to have much, or wildlife generally, we’re not going to have that draw for tourists to come to this country.  Elephants are really important for the eco system.  You know they initially thought that in Tsavo National Park where there used to be huge elephant populations, at one stage they thought that they were destroying the park, there were too many elephants, what do they do, do they cull them or what happens? And nothing happened, they didn’t cull the elephants and naturally there was a dry spell and the population was reduced by natural means.  And this is how it should be.  And this is, you know, the elephants can understand.  Elephants are very similar to humans, they grieve, they have a long lifespan like us, they remember, they look after their children, you know, it’s incredible how much like humans they are. So yeah, their eco system in the park then if you get a lot of elephants they destroy all the bush.  But this actually was a good thing because it allowed the smaller species, the smaller plants to regenerate.  So it actually opened up vast areas for grazing animals and things like that.  So you know, it’s all there in nature’s plan, that’s why it’s important.

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