Tourism industry and health & wellness

Author: Ingo Schweder, James Kirk (

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Tags: detox, Diverse, health and wellness, lifestyle
The tourism industry will respond to the needs of the consumer. In this TV show Ingo Schweder of Horwath HTL discusses the increase in interest around health and wellbeing.

Cultural trends affecting the tourism industry

There’s huge demographic shifts happening in the health and wellness of everybody, of every nation.  And as you can see at the recent Diverse meeting, a half day was dedicated to the subject of health and wellness which is unheard of.  There were 26 different sessions in Diverse dedicated to the health and wellness of the population of the respective people.  And that has to do from a macroeconomic standpoint about collecting taxes and having a nation which is healthy.  And it has from a more personal level people have more and more disposable income and they want to spend their free time and their money in facilities and in environments where they choose lifestyle extending, rejuvenating, reactivating detoxing environments. The Hospitality Channel has more great videos on health and wellness in the tourism industry and similar subjects.  
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Tourism industry and health & wellness

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