Social media usage keeps Tribe in touch

Author: Hooman Ehsani, James Kirk (

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Social media usage can be a fantastic way to connect with customers, as Hooman Ehsani explains in this TV show.

Active social media usage

I think it’s been a very big part of what Tribe does.  Social media is one of our strongest elements.  We have more Facebook fans than probably all of the Nairobi hotels put together, something over 25,000.  I think the next hotel, next, you know, after us has about 1,500.  So we have a very active Twitter channel.  We have on all forms of social media we’re actually quite well represented.  And we see the power of that.  It’s one of the tools that as a developing or emerging nation, it actually puts us on par with the rest of the world.  So we can still communicate to our clients equally, you know, send them updates, give them news of what’s happening.  And I think they really appreciate that too.

The Hospitality Channel will continue to watch the development of social media usage in the hospitality industry. Keep an eye out for the next 10 experts in the Hospitality250.

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