Seasonal markets in Saudi Arabia

Author: Hala Choufany, James Kirk (

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Seasonal markets are common in the hospitality industry. There will nearly always be variations in revenue throughout the year. In this TV show Hala Choufany discusses the seasonal markets in Saudia Arabia.

Cultural seasonal markets

We do a lot of work.  Saudi Arabia at this point in time, as we speak is probably the focus points would be the holy cities and this is not necessarily reflective of the entire of Saudi Arabia because naturally with the religious tourism these markets will always grow.  You’ve got a growing Muslim population which naturally would feed into more.  The pipeline for Makkah specifically is extremely aggressive.  But again, I mean, there’s always going to be seasonality in that market, but the case of oversupply is existent.  However the dynamics of this market is very different to say Jeddah or Riyadh.  So in looking back at what has happened in Saudi Arabia over the last couple of years there has been obviously great improvement in RevPAR occupancies rate and performance of tourism indicators in both Jeddah and Riyadh.  Jeddah however benefits from limited, if any new supply coming in, which is obviously helping occupancies being achieved in excess of 80% whereas Riyadh seems to be struggling more with all the new supply that is coming in, especially that as a market it’s not diversified, it’s very much of a corporate market so hence the seasonality is more pronounced.

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