Customer profile data and brands

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Customer profile data can give an indication of what products and brands they are interested in. In this TV show Fred Hines of Patron Capital Partners discusses nurturing a mutually beneficial relationship with guests and brands.

Customer profile data opportunities

I think it’s pretty clear that the industry does not quite understand the implications and opportunities that are provided by having that guest give you willingly, their contact details and their show of interest.  Not only that but it also links in to kind of the ability to understand what your guest is interested in.  Not only in terms of hotel product and repeat stays but actually linking in external partners and saying, “Okay, we’ve got a great database of people that have demonstrated that they care about”, you know, pick any fashion brand, pick any technology brand.  Those guests could have touch points at your hotel that allow them to understand what that brand might not have been able to put across in their online experience.  So placing, you know, sponsored blankets in the hotel, giving, you know, sponsored onesies to your guests for the duration of their stay may just tick over in that guest’s mind.  Maybe there’s an opportunity here, I don’t want to say the word ‘exploit’, but partner and certainly have a mutually beneficial for the guest, brand and hotelier, a mutually beneficial relationship.

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